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Videos Clips to Enhance Professional Development This page is to assist school leaders with a selection of videos that can be used for professional development for staff. It was prepared by Rowland Baker, founder of the TICAL (Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership).

Warm ups:


Powerful Messages for Educators:

TED Talks is a Great Resource for all Educators:

  • Home page for TED Talks
  • See what really cool technologies are coming soon in this presentation Jeff Han
  • If Al Gore would have been this good earlier, he may not have lost the election. First 10 minutes are a must see in this video about Global Warming.
  • Hans Rosling on data and third world countries.


  • Great short on why we need Internet Security
  • Interesting clip on how schools in CA are funded
  • Tech support is nothing new. See how it was done in the Middle Ages.
  • How to use Google Docs in plain English.
  • How to use a Wiki in plain English.
  • TICAL   This is a portal funded through the California Department of Education with hundreds of resources for school and district leaders.

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